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Welcome to my new website which is the successor to Amazing Animal Art and includes all the latest artwork and exciting experiments that have taken place in my studio.

There are many titles under which I work: Animal Wildlife Artist and Wildlife Conservation Artist, but the one which gives me the greatest pleasure is Elephant Mummy!  Without the first two names I could not have had the money to keep my foster orphan baby elephant  in milk for 4 years until her release back into the wild in Sri Lanka:  it is the only name I am known by for the  many friends there. My foster ‘daughter’ is called Florence – with my own surname, what else could it be!   Sale of my artwork enabled this to happen and I go back regularly to track her.  More on this adventure in my FREE  newsletters.

The defining moment when deciding  to be a Wildlife Artist was a visit to India when I saw wild elephants and it was love at first sight.  At the time I was teaching Art Therapy to Special Needs Adults and working as a textile designer specialising in  natural materials – silk, luxury leather, linen.  The technique of painting on silk and painting on leather transferred well to working with wildlife images and although I paint in oils on linen in the traditional way – The Cavalry for example –  I still use these substrates on various subjects.  There is no room for error with painted silk and painted leather, it has to be right first time as any marks made cannot be erased.  Great challenge every time!

Tigers, Mountain Lions, Leopards, Snow Leopards and Clouded Leopards (fabulous markings on these big cats) as well as Vultures, Eagles all work very well on leather using acrylic paints  Although I have also painted Tigers and Leopards on silk, birds also work well: Great Grey Owl, Kingfishers and the lovely little Bee Eaters seen in India,  again using acrylic paints.  Quite challenging was the Red Buddha, a male Orang Utan seen in Borneo which was painted using a filler and acrylics, applied with a palette knife on hessian sacking.  

If you would like to have your own Private View of new artwork before it is published on the website, please sign up to the FREE Newsletter. These Newsletters will  feature a mixture of  art techniques, travels, what’s on the easel and the happenings in the life of a Wildlife Artist.  It is my hope you will enjoy sharing the artwork and the challenges and fun I have in featuring the amazing animals that share our world.  Please contact me if you need any information and to view any artwork where I live in Norfolk, England.

Natural World Art Society (Banham Norfolk)         30 March – 2 April
The Forum, Norwich, Norfolk                                 11 – 15 April?)
Natural World Art Society                                       26 May – 10 June
Suffolk Show, Ipswich, Suffolk                                30-31 May
Norfolk Showground, Norfolk                                  27/28 June
Parallax, Kensington Town Hall, London                 20-22 July
Natural World Art Society                                        28 July – 28 August
Natural World Art Society                                        3-11 November




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