Going through the photo book of artwork and paintings my partner made a while ago to celebrate the past 25 years as a wildlife artist, silhouette artist and textile artist, I thought I would share with you some the paintings that were sold long ago, but still have a firm place in my heart.  Obviously tigers, leopards and the big cats feature prominently, but elephants hold a special place in my life.  This lovely tiger was one first seen in India in Ranthambore National Park:  it was very difficult to see him at first as he was lying in deep shade and only the top of his tail was twitching.  Suddenly the sunlight caught his stunning golden fur and there he was, looking up at us from his afternoon nap.  I worked him in acrylic on silk and he was sold many years ago.  As I am a self publishing artist, I will be offering him as a fine quality giclee print sometime this year.  If you are interested in buying a print – all of which are embossed with my personal stamp – please don’t hesitate to email me:  mariannenightingale@hotmail.com.

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