This is the last piece of artwork to come off the easel.  Working again with the big cats that have filled my artistic life for many years, I decided to make use of some pure gold and silver leaf I had in the studio.  Having used 24 carat  gold leaf for some time, it was easy to work with, but this is the first time I have used silver leaf and it was much more difficult to get it to adhere to the surface (board) than the gold.  However, perseverance and the liberal application of adhesive eventually won the day!  It is a large piece of artwork, 30″ high by 40″ wide and again the eyes will follow you around wherever you go, but I think I am all painted out for the time being and am working on a book about an artist who fosters a baby elephant – hmmmm, for those of you who know my life story this is actually autobiographical – but it is written in the third person.  Having fun learning to be an illustrator for this, as the technique is totally different to the photorealistic artwork that has been my signature over so many years.  The move away from this technique was my experimenting with a more graphic style – the painted leather heads in the Art on Leather page was the start of this.  Then this led on to the Contemporary Art the Rainbow Range, where I was getting bored with painting photo realistically and just wanted to have some fun with the artwork and images.  So here we are with another style – so who knows what I will put on the easel next.

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