This magnificent horse has now retired from ceremonial duties with the Household Cavalry and was a legend in his time as one of their Drum Horses.  They are basically a heavy horse which has been chosen for temperament and strength for their duties with the Cavalry.  Sparky as he was called was about 18 years old when I painted this and is now in well earned retirement.  When the big kettle drums are put on his back he takes the rank of ‘Major’.  All these magnificent horses are much loved and to see them at ceremonial state occasions such as The Trooping of the Colour and when they have their displays during the summer and perform in the Musical Ride they are a truly patriotic sight to see.  Sparky is one of a series of 6 that I painted and donated one of the head studies to the Cavalry Charity Fund which helps soldiers injured in war zones, as they are an active regiment using modern forms of transport – i.e. tanks when in the field of battle – horses are not for the modern battlefield!  Hope you are all enjoying my weekly information blogs on the artwork that is my life. Sign up for my free newsletter if you want a more in depth look at techniques and travel stories.

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