This painting of penguins is oil on hand stretched linen  – I like to stretch my own as it all makes the process from this simple action to the finished painting more personal.  These are King Penguins and the smaller version of the Emperor Penguins, but very curious and unafraid of people.  I met these charming little creatures in Antarctica when I made a once in a lifetime journey there and absolutely fell in love with all the wildlife there.  We actually camped on the ice for one night and the penguins (not Kings but Gentoo) were extremely curious about these big beings who were near their colony.  They pottered about quite unafraid and kept pecking at our tents during the night and calling to one another about these strange beings inside the tents!  Antarctica is truly the last wilderness, untouched and other worldly, ethereal and without equal on this planet of ours.   As in the Northern Hemisphere, the sun never sets at certain times of the year and it is called the Aurora Australis in the Southern Hemisphere.  Needless to say, I took about 1200 photos of my time there sailing on the explorer ship MV Fram, with Hurtigruten which is the best way to go.  Small ship (only about 250 people) and the ship is small enough to get into many of the little harbours and see the wildlife there.  Thank you to all of you who have read my News pages, it is great fun to do and I hope it gives you all an insight in the life of an artist.

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