Happy New Year to all who read this newsletter.  Here is my updated website for all to enjoy.  This is one of my new contemporary paintings – colourful and fun.  Please welcome Trevor, Tina and Tiny Tim into the world of animal and wildlife art.  Love the alliteration!

This is a totally new direction for me and after 25 years of working photo realistic images, it is time for a change.  I was getting stale at the thought of yet another photo realistic tiger/leopard, so the times they are a’changing!  (That shows my age – Thank you Mr. Dylan)!  Also over this long Christmas break I have had time to reflect on my creative life and what I want to do.  Many years ago  I did some silversmithing – not jewellery (my son Dan is a fine self-taught silversmith so one in the family is enough).  Perhaps some larger pieces, beaten silver bowls and experimental stuff – watch this newsletter space!  Also as a conservation artist, I fostered a tiny orphan baby elephant in Sri Lanka and kept her in formula milk through the sale of my artworks.  Have now sketched out a rough story for children on this – I could name her as I was her sole foster ‘Mummy’ – she is called Florence (with my surname what else could it be).  So this old hippie is in very reflective mood and turning over lots of ideas from past experiences.  Keep coming back please – plenty more news as life goes on.

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