Another in the family of our close cousins, the orang utan.  As an artist I have been involved with conservation organisations who are trying to keep the rainforest habitat from being logged out and these lovely cousins facing extinction in our lifetime. We visited Borneo some time ago and had the privilege of seeing these Great Apes in the wild in Danum Valley.  We saw a young female outside our lodge making a nest for the night.  When I awoke next morning, I went outside expecting her to be gone, but suddenly this red face peered over the edge of the nest to look at who was there – as if to say- are you still watching me!  As it is prime diptocarp rain forest, it is very humid and leeches seem to love humans for lunch!  We had to wear leech socks to try and keep them at bay, but they are very tenacious at finding a place to eat! Also, the jungle is extremely noisy.

This time the painting is on coarse hessian which is a complete opposite to the last painting, which was on silk.  Today’s featured painting is also painted with acrylics, but with a filler as well to make the shaggy coat stand out.  Hessian is very difficult to work as the paint keeps soaking through to the back, but after persevering and blocking the image in, I was able to work this more easily.  May I thank all of you who follow my weekly offerings for the trouble you take to comment or ‘Like’ the work.  It spurs me on to keep going and try and bring information about the animals I love to paint into the public domain.

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