Marianne Nightingale - Animal Wildlife Artist


Rainbow Range

Another move on from the graphic style of the Big Cat Head Studies is my Rainbow Range.  I was looking for yet another challenge, having painted photo realistically for many years, it was time to have another challenge and here was the chance to have some fun. In the studio I had one of my fine art wildlife oil paintings of Giraffe and baby head and neck, so I thought, let’s have some fun with this and off I went with a new canvas, acrylic paints and all the wild and whacky colours – and everyone just loved it!  So here we are at another challenge to keep my paintings fresh and fun – the eyes are always correct as that is my trademark. In my Rainbow Range so far there are the six you see here and I am planning more!  If you want to sign up for my Newsletter, you will have your own exclusive Private View of any new artwork.
PRINTS WILL BE AVAILABLE AT A FUTURE DATE.  They will be presented with an embossed Certificate of Authenticity.  If you are interested in purchasing a print, please contact me and I will add your name to the list.

(Please click an image below to enlarge these images which are in landscape orientation)

(Please click an image below to enlarge these images which are in portrait orientation)

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