There has been a delay in my artistic outpourings as I am just recovering from major surgery for a total knee replacement.  This is one of the most brutal and painful operations to undergo and  pain levels have been very high.  Anyhow, on the mend now and nearly over my 6 weeks non-driving time, so here is a painting to cheer us all with the hope that summer will arrive soon with the swallows.

Our lovely swallows haven’t arrived back from Africa yet – usually it is from the middle of April onwards.  As the wind isn’t blowing from the south, they are probably resting somewhere ready to return.  This painting is on silk and depicts the little family in the barn part of which is my studio as well.  I love to hear them wheeling and squealing above us and my heart lifts when I first hear them call.  No fancy sat-nav for them, just an inbuilt capacity to go with the rhythm of the earth.

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