Although this young orang utan was sold a while ago,as the artist I have visiting rights as he was bought by a good friend.  He was painted on silk with acrylic paints and as with all my silk paintings, the initial background work is what I call my ‘chaos’ phase!  The silk is worked rather like a ‘wet into wet’ watercolour painting by allowing the colours to run into each other, but there is always the serendipity element to this in that I never quite know how it will work out.  But having worked in this way by trial and error for many years as a textile designer, I have just about got the hang of the technique!  However, the story is that this little orang utan is about 97% the same DNA as us humans and to look into their eyes they are absolutely our cousins.  They have been called The Red Buddha or Man of the Forest, but that forest which is vital for their survival is being relentlessly logged to make room for palm oil.  Having visited Borneo and seen for myself the destruction of natural habitat that is going on and looked into the eyes of these Great Apes, which I think are the most beautiful and intelligent, it seems that there just isn’t the will to help them survive.  Please share this post for the fun of seeing this little orang and maybe help to save his home.  Again, many thanks to all of you who take the trouble to see what I am up to each week.

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