Please welcome to my collection of wildlife and animal art paintings the lovely Clara the Cheetah with her babies, Dot, Spot and Charlie!   Having spent many years as a photo-realistic fine artist I decided that I needed to jazz up some of the artwork and just have some fun. It all started with the Giraffes – Gilly and George, as I had in front of me a ‘straight’ representational painting I had done in the past.  The markings on the Giraffes really lend themselves to this way of painting and I never have any idea how any of them will finish up as I never work any preliminary sketches and just wing each one, straight onto the canvas!  This makes each work completely spontaneous and I surprise myself each time – keeps the painting urge going!

Each one is a serendiptious exercise, which makes for an interesting and much less structured way of working.  This is a different, fun  and exciting way of painting for me and the Contemporary Rainbow Range of 6 images can be viewed here on my updated website.  Although the colours are random, the eyes are always correct – my trademark!

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